What makes the best blog?

Several free magazines target the residents of Exeter.  To be free, they must draw an income from advertising, so the ratio of articles to advertisements reflects this.   The magazines vary in their mode of distribution; some are delivered with other advertising literature through the letterbox.  Others can be picked up at "select" locations.

We were in one of the latter locations the other day, and picked up the two latest copies of the glossiest free magazines.  Both featured a set of pictures about a meeting for bloggers.  One described it as being a party for the "hundred best bloggers in Exeter", the other was a little vaguer, and said that it was for "a hundred of the best bloggers in the south-west".  Now you can imagine that I was piqued at not being invited(!)

So what makes the best bloggers in Exeter/south-west England? How do you measure the multiple criteria?  What surrogate measures do you use since "best" is not well-defined?

There wasn't much detail with the pictures, but both Philippa and Tina looked at the pictures with me, and remarked that I obviously didn't fit the criteria.  All those pictured were female and nearly all were clearly under 30.  Little was said about the subjects of the blogs, but we read that the party included styling by a local salon, manicures and makeovers, and several of the pictures showed the logo of a major producer of beauty products for women.  (and don't forget the cocktails!) 

Curious, I went to the website, so now I can reveal that to have made it to be one of the hundred best bloggers in Exeter, you needed to book and pay for the meeting, knowing that it was intended for a young, fashion-oriented, female audience.

So that is how to assess the multi-criteria measure of best, when it comes to blogging!  A very interesting way of making the measurements of "best".

I shall continue to write blogs as a non-young, non-fashion-oriented, non-female writer.


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