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Supply chains, weather and forecasting

Thanks to Nav for this idea. 

It is May, and the last few days have been warm, dry and cloudless.  Today, Saturday, in the UK, we have been marking the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan - the newly created Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  In Exeter, we have been celebrating the Devon County Show and many thousands have watched Exeter Chiefs beat Newcastle 36-5.  And IKEA is open in the city.  So plenty of reasons for a party.  And in good weather, a party can mean a barbecue.  Which may mean a gas-fired barbecue.

Unfortunately, the whole city has run out of refills of bottled gas.  So Nav asked me about the supply chain and how it is affected by demand and the weather forecast.  Let's start with the weather forecast.  For the last few days, the forecast for Exeter and much of southern England has been for warm, dry weather.  So - if you are in an industry that is affected by weather - you might have expected some effects on your business.  So supermarkets have been stocking extra and …

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