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Operational Research in Pompeii, 79CE

In my former blog, I wrote about the logistics of transporting monumental stone from Egypt to Rome during the time of the Roman Empire (Logistics in Ancient Egypt)

Now I want to return to that era with some more reflections.

The Roman town of Pompeii was overwhelmed in 79CE by the eruption of the nearby volcano, Mount Vesuvius.  The site is famous for the preservation of many buildings, including the wall paintings and interior decoration, and for the experience of wandering around a town frozen in time, nearly two thousand years ago.  Needless to say, the remains have been the subject of many archaeological excavations and countless academic (and popular) accounts of aspects of the town and its life.   But, as far as I am aware, nobody has yet applied O.R. to some of the analysis of the remains.  So, here are two suggestions. 

First, there is the question of the population of the town.  The excavations have uncovered many dwelling houses and businesses.  But as there were no census r…

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