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How many loos?

Once again, the vexed question of provision of loos for buildings has been in those bits of the press and media that I come across.  The inside back page of the magazine "New Scientist" is devoted to "The Last Word" where readers pose science questions and the magazine solicits replies from its expert readers.  This has led to the publication of a series of books with collections of the questions and answers, such as "How to Fossilise your Hamster".  The magazine is copyright, so I am quoting a part and making my O.R. based observations. 

In the current issue, a reader posed a question about how many loos are needed for concerts and similar events.  One response came from an architect who had worked on London's ExCel Centre where the toilets were designed to allow partitions between the genders to be moved according to the mix of visitors expected.  So in the male toilets there are fewer urinals than normal and more WCs to replace them. 

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