Plymouth Hoe Bollards

A few weeks ago, Tina and I went for a walk along Plymouth's sea-front.  As we walked along the Hoe, we spotted that there was a sort of art installation.  Polished vertical bollards marked the edge of the pavement and barred vehicles from going onto it.  Each one was inscribed with a name.  We didn't examine each one, but we recognised several of the names as belonging to famous people with some association with Plymouth.  Sir Francis Drake, famous for his naval exploits and for playing bowls on the Hoe itself.  Captain John MacArthur, a pioneer settler in Australia, and a rogue.  And many others.  We were curious about the bollards, so enquired at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC).  Surely such an interesting piece of art should be publicised?  The TIC didn't know much  - but from a file of odd information from behind the desk they produced a typed list, and said that they thought it might be on the internet.  Well, I searched, and found nothing.  Maybe Google hasn't found the page?  So, having scanned the list, and corrected a few omissions and errors, here is that list.  Perhaps Google will find this for other curious people?  And this post has very little to do with operational research ... though I suppose that if you do a piece of interesting work, which someone else might like to know about, in whatever sphere it is, get it out there!  (And if there are errors, please comment ...)

Plymouth Hoe Bollards -- famous people with associations in Plymouth

Hoe colonnade bollards
Order from east to west: 
Admiral Sir John Hawkins 1532-1595, Naval commissioner
Sir Martin Frobisher c1535-1594, Navigator
Sir Humphrey Gilbert,1539-1584, Navigator
Sir Francis Drake,1540-1596, English sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, and politician
Sir Richard Grenville,1541-1591, Sailor
Captain Philip Amadas,1550-1618, Navigator
Sir Walter Raleigh,1552-1618, Navigator
William Kemple,c1563-1601, Headmaster
Sir Ferdinand Georges,1565-1647, Soldier
Captain John Oxenham,d1580, Navigator
John Endecott,1588-1665, Colonizer
Admiral Albert Blake,1599-1657, Naval commander
King Charles II,1630-1655, Monarch
Elize Hele,d c1635, Benefactor
Henry Winstanley,1644-1703, Engineer
James Yonge,1647-1721, Surgeon?
Captain John Avery,b c1665, pirate
Alexander Selkirk,1675-1721, Sailor
Mary Read,1695-1720, Pirate
William Cookworthy 1705-1780, Chemist
Samuel Northcote,1703-1781, Clockmaker
Sir Joshua Reynolds,1723-1792, Artist
John Smeaton,1724-1792, Engineer
Rev Andrew Kinsmon,1724-1793, Preacher
Capt. James Cook,1723-1779, Explorer
Capt. Tobias Furneaux,1725-1781, Explorer
Thomas Northcote,1736-?, Artist
Robert Hawker,1753-1827, Preacher
Captain William Bligh,1754-1817, Navigator
Capt. John MacArthur,1757-1834, Australian Pioneer
Napoleon,1769-1821,French emperor
John Collier,1769-1849, Politician
Zachary Mudge,1770-1852, Admiral,-
John Foulston,1772-1841,Architect
Nicholas Toms Carrinton,1777-?, Poet
Sir John Colbornne,1778-1863, Battle of Waterloo hero
Samuel Prout,1783-1852,painter
Colonel Sir George Arthur 1784-1854, Colonizer
Major Edmund Lockyer,1784-1860, Colonizer
Benjamin R Hayden,1786-1846, Painter
Sir William Harris,1791-1867, Inventor
Jonathan Hearder,1791-1876, Scientist
Thomas Byrth,1793-1849, Theologian
Sir Charles Eastlake,1793- 1865, Artist
Thomas Holloway,1800-,1883, Medicine manufacturer
Sir John Kitto,1804-1854, Scholar
Samuel Phelps, 1804-1878, Actor
Isambard K Brunel,1806-1859, Engineer
Charles Darwin, 1809-1882, Naturalist
Captain William Mogg, 1811-1870, Explorer
John Yeo, 1813-1884, Businessman
William Derry, 1817-1903, Businessman
Able Seaman Hinckley, 1819-1904, Tai Ping Rebellion hero
Augustus Bampton, 1823-1857, Engineer
Mortimer Collins, 1827-1876, Writer
Francis Balkwill, 1837-1921, Dentist
Emma L Gifford, 1840-1912, wife of Thomas Hardy
Agnes Weston, 1840-1915, Philanthropist
Cora Pearl, 1842-1886, Courtesan
Stanley Gibbon, 1842-1913, Postage stamp collector
Lt. Sir Hohn Chard VC, 1847-1897, Rorkes Drift hero
Sir John Jackson, 1851-1919, Engineer
Marshall Stevens, 1852-1936, Engineer
William Greene, 1855-1921, Photographer
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,1859-1930 , Author
Sir Harry Moreton, 1864-1961, Musician
Albert Ballard, d 1969, Philanthropist
Robert F Scott, 1863-1912, Adventurer
Charles Brittan, 1870-1949, Painter
Sir Patrick Abercrombie,1879-1957, Architect / town planner
Lady Nancy Astor,1879-1964, Politican
Isaac Foot, 1880-1960, Politician
Thomas E Lawrence, 1888-1935, Arabist
Leslie Hawe Belisha, 1893-1957, Politician
Capt. Frederick J Walter, 1895-1944, Naval hero
James P Watson, 1898-1979, Engineer
Sir Francis Chichester,1901-1972, Adventurer
Harry `Bugler' Lake, 1902-1970, Boxer
Sir Dingle Foot, 1905-1978, Politician
Lord Caradon, 1907-1990, Diplomat
Baroness Vickers, 1907-1994, Politician
Stanley Bate, 1911-1959, Composer
Victor Canning, 1911-86, Novelist
Michael Foot, 1913-2010, Politician
Prof John Lawlor, 1918-1999, Scholar
Richard Greene, 1918-1985, Actor
Sir Herchel Smith, 1925-2001, Chemist
Beryl Cook, 1926-2008, Artist
Angela Mortimer, 1932-, Wimbledon champion
Baroness Fookes, 1936-, Politician
Lord Owen, 1938-, Politician
Robert Lenkiewicz, 1948-2002, Painter
Wayne Sleep, 1948-, Dancer
John Childs, 1951-, Cricketer
Paul Mariner, 1963-, Footballer
Trevor Francis,1954-, Footballer
Dawn French,1957- , Actress
Chris Maddocks, 1957-, Racewalker
Peter Goss, 1961-, Yachtsman
Sharon Davies, 1962-, Olympic swimmer
Ian Ward, 1972-, Cricketer
Gareth Jones, 1984-, Highboard diver
Admiral Sir Charles Napier 1780-1860, Naval reformer


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