OR55 minus 1

Yet more emails today; I have agreed to chair one stream as the previous chair has had to withdraw at the last moment.  But there are no real panics.

Sadly, the press release about OR55 that we sent to the local Exeter newspaper didn't get into the printed version, though it is online.

It was a funny day - all-age service at one church, traditional service at the second.  Then after lunch we cleared a blocked drain (we had thought there was a bad smell outside the back door) and then got a drain rod stuck.  Now what is the OR solution to that?  I can picture a model of where it is stuck and why (there is obviously a change of diameter of pipes), and can find suggested solutions online from people who have had this problem before (experience is important in OR practice), but I lack the expertise to put those solutions into practice.  Therefore - more good OR philosophy - don't try to solve a problem for which you do not have the correct equipment or expertise, and get someone in to do the work from outside.  There is nothing wrong for any OR professional to admit that they are not qualified in an area; for instance, I know a little about yield management, but would not start a project in that area.


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