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There will always be the need for Operational Research Scientists

 When I studied Operational Research, one of the two professors in the O.R. Department at the University of Lancaster was Professor Alan Mercer.  Anyone who knew Alan will know that he was in amazing character, and I am delighted that I co-authored one paper with him.  [ ] (He wasn't my academic supervisor; I collaborated with him and his research associate Malcolm King on a project about the Church of England.)   Alan had a fund of stories; someone had once asked him why there was still the need for O.R. scientists; if O.R. was such a powerful tool, why were there still unsolved problems?  His answer was that there will always be the need for O.R. in business, commerce, education and all areas of management, because new problems arise as a result of technological change, as a result of new industries, and as a result of twists to old problems, and (possibly most important of all) O.R. is needed to remind managers of techniques and results disc

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