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When you communicate, be concise!

 Back in the days when I was a postgraduate student of Operational Research, one of the compulsory modules was about communication.  It was argued that people who do O.R. need to communicate their results with other people with clarity; that means explaining the results of O.R. studies to non-specialists. Then, when I taught O.R. to undergraduates, we agreed to introduce a short "CommSkills" programme for the specialists in statistics and O.R..  There were lectures/presentations about written reports, interviewing techniques, making presentations (before Powerpoint, so it was with an overhead projector).  For practice small teams had to interview a staff member who was playing a role of a manager with a problem, come up with a solution, and make a presentation to their peers and the staff. I invented a queueing problem associated with a fictitious supermarket filling station --- how many pumps should there be?  Other colleagues were inventive with their "management"

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